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Best 10 Backlink Checker Tools

Michael Kuzmin

Checking backlinks for a website is now easy and highly accessible! Backlinks, as one of the top factored SEO features, offer a great chance into top ranking on various search engines. The latest developments in technical digital marketing have yielded various insight tools you can use for this purpose. 

This article precisely lists and describes various, most efficient backlink checker tools for a quality design of an SEO plan. Read through to find your better choice. 

What are backlinks?

A link on one website linking to another is a backlink. Usually, the links are directory resources, web pages that offer detailed information on the anchored text. In the face of many search engines, backlinks qualities act as a vote of confidence by the directing sites. 

It means, if a website is directing traffic to your site or giving reference to it, Google and another search engine will treat that as credit.

According to Google's Search engine ranking schemes, quality backlinks tend to give your site a better ranking and vice versa. Knowledge of how to check backlinks for a website will always allow you to look into your competitors. Such information will include keywords they have the best ranking for and their overall SEO strategy.

What to look for when analyzing links?

Backlink checker tools provide you with a wealth of information. Depending on the exact tool you are using, the data you find is often a lot, from inbound to outbound links. These comprise information from profiled nof and dof links, forum backlinks, directories, images, articles, etc.

Critical information you should also look for in any backlink website check include these three:

  1. The total number of links & unique domains: Having a diverse link profile is often the best. It means your site should have lots of domains – this will help you get new links more easily. 
  2. Referring domains: These data will let you know where your most valuable links point to. With this information, you will notice any backlinking opportunity within your site or that of your competitors. 
  3. Top pages: These are the pages with the highest traffic. It could be your landing pages such as 'home.' From here, you can understand which topics or keywords are of more interest to your audience - this is another way to check the quality backlinks of a site.

With the three analytical points, it is now easy to effectively check the backlinks of a site. The most quality backlinks you choose must always fall within the recommended DR, DA, and TF sites. 

These are site evaluation metrics that give you the potentiality of a site being a quality backlink source. The best selections come from DR, DA, and TF of 30 and above. Other worth looking details include the age of the potential donor website, topics, and traffic. Note that for best backlinking sites, a graph will show smooth increasing curves and not sharp rises and falls. 

Smooth backlinks curve; rising  

Read more here on links with greater qualities.

Below are three procedural explanations on how to advance your knowledge and use of SEO backlink data. Check out the various ways you track, find, and explore backlinks on your site and others. 

How to find backlinks to your site 

How to check backlinks? Finding quality backlinks calls for a complete analysis of various backlink data of your site/ pages. Checking backlinks for a website, in this case, will require the use of specified tools for quality checking. 

The two most common and free tools you can use our web services described below.

Google Search Console (GSE)

Google Search Console Backlinks
Backlinks in Google Search Console

Check the quality of backlinks for free! GSE is among Google's Free SEO tools that help you access critical analytical information on your site's SERP indexing site. Data you get from it include:

  1. Information on your top-ranking keyword
  2. What index is your site in the Google ranking
  3. Crawl errors in your site
  4. Frequency upon audience viewing your site and so on. 

Within its SEO analysis, the checker gives inner details on backlinks.

Bing Webmasters Tools

Though not as popular as Google Search Console, Bing webmasters tool works pretty much the same. Both are free services offered by search engine companies to help web admins see the performances of their websites. Bing Webmasters Tools is a free tool from Bing, offering:

  1. Detailed Backlinks information
  2. URL inspection searches
  3. SEO report
  4. Overall site scan
  5. Traffic sources, etc.

Bing Webmasters tools offer a dynamic SEO and site analysis, which at the end of the day provides you with the information on how you can rank at the top. See more of its usefulness here

Checking backlinks of competitors 

Digital marketing as a whole is fast revolving and advancing at the same time. With new techniques coming up on various SEO-building strategies, one always needs to keep abreast with the pace.

Checking backlinks of competitors
Checking backlinks of competitor

Building quality backlinks often requires working strategies, some of which we can imitate from competitor sites. But how do you peep into your competitors' SEO data? Do not worry. The digital world now provides you with an unlimited choice of the best apps you can use for that. Check out the following top five most recommended for the job.


Ahrefs: Site Overview page
Ahrefs: Site Overview page 

Pricing: Lite $99

How to check backlinks with Ahrefs? If you have been in the SEO industry at least for some time, probably you might have heard of Ahrefs. It is among the most super-efficient and reliable backlink checker tools you can find online.

With a simple search on a site's domain/ URL, you will access tons of data relating to overall traffic reaching the site. Some of the critical analytic information you will be looking at is 'backlinks' and 'referral domains.' These two give a complete link profile of any site you search.

The reason why most people would prefer Ahrefs is accuracy; that never goes wrong. Next is its 14-day free trial. With this, you can win the chance to explore all its features for greater familiarity.


Majestic Site Explorer
Majestic Site Explorer

Pricing: $50

Another top-notch backlink checker tool you can try out is Majesty SEO. Just like Ahrefs, it offers comprehensive data needed.

How to check backlinks of websites from here is easy – this is how you start. Enter the URL of the site you want to analyze, then hit the search button. The displaying results will give your insight into the sites' link profile, which constitutes external backlinks data, referring subnets, referring domains, and Referring IPs.

By scrolling further, you will see the backlink history chart and the anchor text charts. The two statistical charts give even a better analysis in terms of visual display. 

Majestic offers a free search that only shows a bit of what you need. A premium subscription will allow you to check the quality of backlinks in depth.

Moz Link Explorer 

Moz Link Explorer
Moz Link Explorer 

Pricing: Free

Do you want to check the backlinks of a site conveniently? Explore Moz Link Explorer. It represents top backlink checker tools with an awesome experience for beginners.

The tool offers dependable results from page authority to domain authority. It gives complete metrics of any link associated with the site before and presently.

With Moz, you will be analyzing anchor texts, researching top-performing content, discovering link-building opportunities, and checking the spam score of every backlink. In addition, Moz has resources from which you can even learn more on how to rank a site at the top of search engines.


Check the quality of backlinks through SEMrush 

Pricing: $120

You can check the quality of backlinks through SEMrush. It is another quality backlink checker with great insight features you will want to explore. SEMrush is a content marketing SaaS platform that also reports on the SEO performances of a site. On backlinks, it displays results on an entire link profile of a site.


Ubersuggest: backlink analysis
Ubersuggest: backlink analysis

Pricing: $12

Ubersuggest works faster and more accurately. Here is the best tool for you if you intend for comprehensive results in proper chronology on backlink analysis. 

The tool gives a complete links profile overview with the in-depth analysis you may need. Like most software in this list, getting started with it is fast. How to check backlinks of websites via Ubersuggest starts with creating an account on the site.

Tracking backlinks to your website

More tools you can use in your SEO backlink strategies are the tracking apps. This software comes with more excellent features to trace various backlinks within site and between two. The best of these Apps includes these three:

Link Checker 

Link Checker: Track Every Link You Build  

Pricing: $10

This tool is mainly a link security checker. In a world where hacking and spam have grown their roots in the digital space, special analyzer tools such as link checkers always play a critical role. 

Typical of its functions, Link Checker tests a site's hyperlinks and reports their validity. Link Checker is a free online tool you can use anytime, anywhere.



Tracking backlinks in Sitechecker 

Pricing: $29

For those interested in site tracking, measurement, and SEO as a whole, one of the best apps you need is SiteChecker. The tool offers site owners, web admins, SEO specialists a chance to evaluate and manage various top-ranking strategies.

SE Ranking

Backlink Monitor SE Ranking
Backlink Monitor SE Ranking

Pricing: $31

Another great backlink support comes from the SE Ranking. The tool offers multiple services, including backlinks checking. The software provides a 14-free day trial where you can access most of the analytical tools. 

SE Ranking is quite affordable following its pricing list. You can create your account today and begin experiencing the quality results it gives.

How to check backlinks of a site can be a hefty task; however, the work pretty much becomes simpler with such apps.

Which is the best backlink checker tool?

Conclusively, finding the best backlink checker tool might depend on various considerations. From what you can realize, checking backlinks on the above-listed software basically works the same. The differences you might expect will mostly depend on prices, which relate primarily to the quality of operations they carry. 

Nonetheless, when looking at both feature performances against pricing, Ahrefs tend to be slightly better than the rest. It is always beginner-friendly and quite reasonably affordable. Well, the opinions here can differ, especially when we also consider feature familiarity. You can always make your best decisions from trials. 


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