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10 Efficient Link Building Strategies in 2021

Michael Kuzmin

The digital marketing space remains highly dynamic and competitive for anyone reaching out for quality traffic online. From the backbone of it all, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), through its multiple branches, link building included, has all along provided in-depth solutions towards most of these hurdles. 

In this article, however, we will be taking a comprehensive look at the ten most efficient new link building strategies. If your business is online, then here are resourceful notes to consider for quality traffic.

What is Link building?

While Google crawlers look for keywords, key phrases, page length, and so on in its evaluation, it also keeps another eye on the backlinks to place your webpage on top search engine rank.

Link Building is among the leading SEO strategies that apply in 2021 to assist in winning more visitors to a website. Its usage involves direct links inserted to a text to generate more visitors to another page or site.

As expected, excellent link strategies would produce better SERP results – this means better sales. The concentration here builds both outbound and inbound links, which must follow critical guidelines on the value link building formula.

A good link building strategy majorly would follow these ten most efficient tips. 

1. Publish top-notch Content on Your Entire website  

Excellent content always comes first in a proper SEO outline. It is a comprehensive text with an eminence flow and readability structure that charms more significant traffic. 

Other valuable and relevant considerations include choosing exciting topics and adopting successful SEO strategies. Valuable content would also mean featuring excellent link strategies. Key focus on do-follow key phrases is always important over the no-follow types. 

Examples of do-follow links:

  1. The following text explains inner concepts on how to rank top on Google.
  2. The latest men's shoes in the US now draw in millions to the producing company. 

The highlighted texts can easily attract clicks. No-follow links mean those which do not charm any clicking. Examples include:

  1. Learning takes place best in classrooms
  2. Today we shall have the best meal ever for dinner. 

Search engines overly build on the value your content offers. Plain posts with no value or message tend to rank lower than those rich in details.

2. Outreach

Outreach is another great good link building strategy involving reaching out to web admins and asking them for links. In a different explanation, it would mean that you will be seeking a chance to guest post on their sites. 

Outreach takes various forms, which include:

  1. Social 
  2. Press 
  3. Email and
  4. Influencer 

Mail is, however, the most typical of them as of its greater appropriateness. What the web page owners will be after is your input. A cold pitch email seeking a chance to guest post top-notch content would mostly get a positive response. 

In your email, also point out any mistakes you might have discovered with the present content or links on their pages. These could even be broken links. Such approaches tend to capture more of their attention as excellence is what they would rather pursue.

Outreach is vital for link-building success; why? 

1. Self-advertisement

The chances of your company receiving more visitors grow whenever more links direct to your page. It is much easier this way to achieve top level rank by taking advantage of the already existing high DA sites. 

2. Associating with top brands

Backlinks help you build a fulfilling relationship with top web resources, pages, and bloggers. It is like real life, those with whom you associate more tend to influence your life. Outreach in link building works similarly. When done correctly, outreach under these circumstances offers fantastic results. 

3. Guest Posting

Backlinks from top DA sites heighten the chances of top ranking. The logic is visitors reading from the popular sites will click on the backlinks provided to reach your page. Whether you are dealing in services or products, guest posting works tremendously in putting your name out there. 

Guest posting may sound like one of those crazy, highly controversial marketing ideas in today's digital marketing space. However, you will be looking for quality results. Guest posting, therefore, acts as one of the most efficient backlinks strategies one can consider.

4.  Copy Best Links From Competitors

Replicating the best links from your business rivals is one SEO link strategy that works pretty well. This method targets the domain links of your competitors. The backlinks you will be obtaining will pretty much match those of your rivals. 

Checking your competitor’s website using backlink checker tool (Ahrefs)
Checking your competitor’s website using backlink checker tool (Ahrefs)

The critical steps into replicating the valuable backlinks from your rivals include:

  1. Identifying your rivals
  2. Getting the competitor's backlinks
  3. Design a quality list of backlinks
  4. Now replicate 

Niche-Relevant Market Study and link recovery are the essential methods to analyze competitors' link profiles.

5. Email signature

The use of email signatures for link building is pretty much a new idea. As a company or any other business, having a detailed email signature complete with contact details, backlinks and other relevant information could just help drive more traffic to your site.

Each time you send out email communications, the receivers will not only be reading your message but also consider other attached details such as signatures.

6. Broken link building from competitors or other sites

This approach is not so different from the link reclamation. In both, there is a replacement of bad links; however, in this, you will also be focusing on your competitors. These are people running the same business you do, could be products or services of a similar kind.

Link plans can be manipulated to fit the most required form for quality traffic attraction. Still, in this case, you can reach out to various site owners, including your competitors, and point out specific mistakes on their sites in return for backlink compensation. 

Sometimes, you can suggest, or they can accept a new post from you for publishing. In these cases, the posts must not only be rich in content but must have do-follow backlinks to your site.

7. Forum and Blogs Comments

Today, you can use numerous online forums and comment sections to promote your brand/ post via links. Lately, however, this method has not shown its greater effectiveness as before, earning it a place in the list of 18 link-building tactics to avoid.

Before the Internet got flooded with business, blog pages, etc., there were genuine comments, which would attract traffic. Today, however, no one reads through the comments. The occasional readers are usually those who also want to comment, whereby their primary intention is to market their site's link.

Various site-building websites, i.e., WordPress, now feature particular plugins that block spammy, generic, and incoherent comments. The tool is Akismet; maybe you should try to help sieve quality comments from the advertisement kind. 

8. Business Directories and Local Citations (Listings)

There is a substantial connection between citations and link building. Both go hand-in-hand as one depends on another. 

Local SEOs always have the potential of giving more traffic to your page/ business. What is essential is making your business well-known to all your potential audience/ consumers. 

Business directories and local citations offer much thrilling insight into letting your potential audience reach and notice your business faster. The details entailed always include contact information and address. 

Take this example; on Google, search the term, 'best restaurant in London.' Among the top results are precise details on the best restaurants in London. Here you can choose based on the number of positive reviews, proximity, and services offered – the choice is always yours.

Link building strategies in this concept concern the various links provided in the details; website, phone number, and physical address. 

9. Collaboration with Opinion Leaders

If you need to put your brand out there for people, sometimes opinion leaders can help. Such people are those with critical expertise and significant influence over a topic, business, or industry. Initially, these were the "decision-makers" or "industry insiders." 

In the modern setup, these groups of people are social media influencers. They always have a more excellent subscription on their channels and can easily influence their audiences by giving their opinions. Probably you have seen them promote products and services for various companies. Still, this is another form of SEO backlinks strategy as copywriting skills are necessary for advertisements.  

10. Use resource links from trusted sites

Among other new link-building strategies is the use of resourceful links from trusted sites. 

In its proper definition, resource links involve the practice of building backlinks from pages that have curated lists of links to external websites (resource pages).

A good link-building strategy will also require that you at least get several such links to get your page on top of any search engine of your niche and keyword terms.

Check out how you can build a resource page with greater effectiveness.

Last Thoughts

Ranking at the top of the various search engines sounds easy only in words. An insight into what it entirely entails, however, gives a completely different picture. New link building strategies are among the recent most trends in the digital marketing age. With the above listed strategies, we believe you can easily get started for the biggest score. 

Michael Kuzmin
Co-Founder 10х Agency. 10 years in Sales&Marketing. The last 4 years specializing in link-building processes and outreach development.