Niche Edits Services

Placing backlinks into existing pages, niche related articles on real sites and blogs
  • Average blog traffic — 50K
  • Average DR/DA — 49
  • Niche related articles
  • Natural placements

What are Niche Edits

Niche Edits Services is a process of placing backlinks in the existing and indexed article. We manually contact the site owners or webmasters, asking them to add your link to the niche-related article. 

Yes, you may notice that this is almost the same as broken link building. The only difference is that we are inserting a new link into the article, rather than changing the broken one.

Therefore, we’ll write new content and inserting links naturally, the content is unique and suits the article, it’ll look as if it was added naturally.


Only WhiteHat
Links in the content gives a lot of benefit to the readers, so this method is ethical and safe.
Real Sites
No PBN or another dangerous sites including sites with copied or generated content. Only real websites.
Natural Link Building
Inserting links naturally will give pleasure to the readers and influence your SEOs positions.
Unique Content
We’ll write unique niche related content that will complement the article.
No Duplication Domains
We will check your backlinks profile using Ahrefs so that you’ll get unique domains.
Sites Rating
Domain rating and traffic will suit the package you ordered.


Sites where we place backlinks:
-Average DA/DR — 49
-Average TF — 28
Each site is visited by an average of 50,000 people per month

Blogs DR (Ahrefs)/ DA(Moz) Total Traffic, Ahrefs
r************ 72 116695
h************** 51 86923
t************** 46 73053
i************ 59 35899
a************ 36 15599
l************** 28 10067
c************ 39 9399
b************ 59 8347
b************ 47 6665


How It Works

Contact Us
Provide us with the URLs of the needed pages to which you want to place links with anchors.
Searching Relevant Sites
Our team will find related niche blog articles where links to your website will be placed.
Check Websites
We will check sites to match your requirements: domain rating, traffic, etc.
Contact the Website Owner
We’ll contact the webmaster or article author to submit your link into the article.
You’ll get the report which contains links to articles and sites where the link is placed.


You can order links from different packages, for example, order 1 link with DR  10+ and 2 links with DR 30+, etc.

pricingne2.png   *Moz DA - we do not guarantee that you will get this value, it is a rough average based on our experience.


White Hat and safe backlinks?
Yes, this link-building method is a white hat. It’ll look natural and will fit organically into the content of the article. Nobody can say that you bought this link because we don't pay for it.
What is the minimal order?
Minimum order — 3 links. You can order links from different packages, for example, order 1 link with DR 10+ and 2 links with DR 30+, etc.
Will it be real sites?
Yes, in any of our services, only real sites. No PBN or another dangerous sites including sites with copied or generated content. We don't post links from users free content publishing sites.
What domain rating and organic traffic will the sites have?
It all depends on the package that you choose. In all packages, sites comply with DR 10-70, and organic traffic from 500 to 1M by Ahrefs.
How can I pay for my order?
After ordering, we’ll sent an invoice for payment to Paypal. You can also pay by card or from your Payoneer account.
Will I get Dofollow links?
Yes, all links that we place will be dofollow and are permanently posted, which means if they no longer meet these requirements in the future, then you can get a refund or we’ll replace links for free.
What are the TAT for placing links?
On average, links placements will take from 3 to 14 days to complete. But sometimes we’ll need up to 30 days, we’ll notify you about this in advance.
What are the return guarantees?
While the sites are working, we will replace links for free if it’s deleted or give refund if we cannot replace it. In any case, we’ll change any deleted link within 12 months, even if the site stops working.
When can I expect results?
SEO and link building are long-term processes. Someone may have the results in a week, and someone will get it after more than 6 months of hard work. It all depends on many factors: competition in your niche, competitors budgets and backlinks profiles, how Google see your site.
Wholesale discount
Yes, we give discounts for bulk orders. Contact us and we’ll discuss with you bulk discount depending on your order.

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