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Forum backlinks around the world

We place non-spam forums, niche relevant and live threads. We work in the countries of America, Europe and Asia.
  • Average forum traffic - 35K
  • Average DR - 35
  • Thematic and live threads
  • Natural placements

What sites do we place links on?

America: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and others.
Europe: Germany, UK, Poland, France, Sweden, Netherlands, and 45+ more countries
Asia: Thailand, China, Japan.

We write in English and in the native language of the region, but in this case through an online translator.

All forums will have thematic threads. We accept all niches.

What the average client report looks like

Values of forums in our database:
- Average DR sites — 35
- Average forum traffic — 35K

Placement Domain Rating, Ahrefs Total Traffic, Ahrefs
r************ 92 116695
h************** 51 86923
t************** 46 73053
i************ 59 35899
a************ 36 15599
l************** 28 10067
c************ 39 9399
b************ 59 8347
b************ 47 6665

Backlinks pricing

For small projects or private professionals who have few projects yet
Donors value
Links quantity
Minimum order - 10 links
Quick selection
PayPal WebMoney VISA Яндекс Деньги Payoneer
You’ll get
20 backlinks
with minimum forum value DR>20, Traffic>1000
with minimum forum value DR >35, Traffic >5k
he charge is preliminary and can change.
We accept dollars
For large projects or agencies with many projects
3$ for link
300 links
Any number of projects
up to 3 month
2,7$ for link
500 links
Any number of projects
up to 6 month
2$ for link
1000 links
Any number of projects
up to 9 month
Custom Offer
Individually discussed
Check your task and agree on pricing
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What are you getting

Traffic forums
We place on forums with traffic only. Average organic traffic in our database - 35,000 per month by Ahrefs.
Quality donor
The average DR of forums is 45. This means that most of the sites in our database have a good link mass.
Niche threads
All threads will suit the subject of the project. The topic will contain no more than 2 links to other resources.
Sites agreement
We agree on donors and texts before placement with you. But you can just give a task and monitor the results.
Warranty from deleting
We’ll replace the deleted links within 30 days if they’re deleted. Links in 80% of cases live on average more than 10 months.
Relevance to the region
Donors will match the region of the project, linked by domain, or traffic from Ahrefs.


Very nice work. All the forums were related to my niche, and all of the forum posts were in English and made sense - they look like real posts from pe...
Taylor Xtreme
United States United States
I recommend this team! This is not the first time we have cooperated. Every time best result. The guys are professionals in link building.
Ruslan Baibekov
Russia Russia
Excellent service!
It was a delight to work with your company and I am more than impressed by your exceptional skills and abilities. Thank you again f...
Artur Mamikonyan
Australia Australia
Great team that does their job professionally.
We have been working for 2 years now.
I would like to note the in-depth analysis of the niche site and ...
Vladimir Veselovskiy
Ukraine Ukraine
I love working with this team! They are professionals in link building. And very creative guys :) This is very important in SEO.
I will recommend ...
Maksim Voevodin
Russia Russia
Great job as described
France France
Superb as always
Ukraine Ukraine
Thank you for everything. Excellent communication and friendly :)
Australia Australia
Very nice and good communication skills. Thank You.
India India
Great work. Communication are awesome. Fast response. Thank you.
Serbia Serbia

DR — 79. Traffic — 26.8k
Account: Fagiw
DR — 35. Traffic — 2.2k
Account: Juli
DR — 76. Traffic — 24.4k
Account: Lolaq

Steps of working process

Contact us
Tell about the project: what topic, region, what donors are needed and by what value. We do the calculation and prepare the task.
Contribute 100% of the project cost in any convenient way in a dollar. In some cases, we work "50 to 50".
Preparing donors
We collect sites according to the task. Checking donor regions and parameters: region, DR, Traffic by Ahrefs and others.
Agree on
We send for approval forums, threads and texts, if necessary. Optional item.
We send a project report in Google sheets with a list of donors, texts of posts and links placements.
In the process, we replace missing links, just after the project is completed, within 30 days, you can go back and replace the deleted links


What niches accepted?
We accept all niches, include gambling, adult, etc.
Any warranty from deleting?
Guarantee — 30 days, if it’s removed during this time, we will replace it for free.
What are the payment methods?
We accept payment by cards, Paypal, Payoneer. We only accept dollars.
I only need dofollow / nofollow
It is possible. Indicate this in the task or tell the manager about this issues when discussing the project.
Can you place in my region / country?
Most likely we can, but in order to answer exactly, you need to send the detailed task with the region to us by mail or in any convenient way.
What languages do you post links in?
We write in English, but we can write texts in the needed language of the region, but in this case through an online translator. You can provide your texts or translate ours, in the first case the links will be cheaper.
Can I add anchor text to links?
Yes, you can add any anchors to your links. You can also specify keywords that need to be entered in the text.
What accounts will be used for placing?
Accounts can be any - pumped or just registered. If you need all accounts to be pumped, then you need to indicate this in the task and pay for the required amount of posts. Cost $ 2 for 10 posts. 
I want to rollback/cashback
This type of work is possible, write to us, we’ll discuss.
Will all threads be in the index?
By default, we don’t include such requirements in the task, but if necessary, then you need to specify in the requirements for the project. We charge extra + $ 1 to the cost of each link for this.
What is the minimal order?
The minimum order quantity is 10 links.
How do you pay, can you accept pay in installments?
We usually work on a 100% prepayment basis. If you have a large order, we can discuss payment in installments.
Where will I get links from?
All sites in this service are forums. If you need other types of sites, for example, Q&A sites, catalogs or links from edu & gov, see our other services or write to us.
Do you give discounts to agencies?
Yes, we have several options for working with agencies, but it all depends on the requirements, the form of payment and other conditions. Write to us, we’ll try to find a solution to your problems.
I need links from “juicy” donors
The concept of “juicy” donors is different for everyone, write to us and send the task, and we’ll answer whether we can fulfill them or not.
Can an order be split into multiple projects?
Yes, you can split your order for several projects of any subject and geography.

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