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Forum Link Building Service

Buy forum backlinks at affordable prices. We manually place quality forum backlinks, relevant and niche threads, non-spam. Accepted any niche sites.
  • Average forum traffic - 35K
  • Average DR - 35
  • Thematic and live threads
  • Natural placements

What Are You Getting

Traffic Forums
We place on forums with traffic only. Average organic traffic in our database - 35,000 per month by Ahrefs.
Quality Donor
The average DR of forums is 45. This means that most of the sites in our database have a good link mass.
Niche Threads
All threads will suit the subject of the project. The topic will contain no more than 2 links to other resources.
Sites Agreement
We agree on donors and texts before placement with you. But you can just give a task and monitor the results.
Warranty From Deleting
We’ll replace the deleted links within 30 days if they’re deleted. Links in 80% of cases live on average more than 10 months.
Relevance to the Region
Donors will match the region of the project, linked by domain, or traffic from Ahrefs.

What the Average Client Report Looks Like

Values of forums in our database:
- Average DR sites — 35
- Average forum traffic — 35K

Placement Domain Rating, Ahrefs Total Traffic, Ahrefs
r************ 92 116695
h************** 51 86923
t************** 46 73053
i************ 59 35899
a************ 36 15599
l************** 28 10067
c************ 39 9399
b************ 59 8347
b************ 47 6665

Backlinks pricing

For small projects or private professionals who have few projects yet
Donors value
Links quantity
Minimum order - 10 links
Quick selection
You’ll get
20 backlinks
with minimum forum value DR>20, Traffic>1000
with minimum forum value DR >35, Traffic >5k
he charge is preliminary and can change.
We accept dollars
For large projects or agencies with many projects
3$ for link
300 links
Any number of projects
up to 3 month
Per placement
2,7$ for link
500 links
Any number of projects
up to 6 month
Per placement
2$ for link
1000 links
Any number of projects
up to 9 month
Per placement
Custom Offer
Individually discussed
Check your task and agree on pricing


Very nice work. All the forums were related to my niche, and all of the forum posts were in English and made sense - they look like real posts from pe...
Taylor Xtreme
United States United States
I recommend this team! This is not the first time we have cooperated. Every time best result. The guys are professionals in link building.
Ruslan Baibekov
Russia Russia
Excellent service!
It was a delight to work with your company and I am more than impressed by your exceptional skills and abilities. Thank you again f...
Artur Mamikonyan
Australia Australia
Great team that does their job professionally.
We have been working for 2 years now.
I would like to note the in-depth analysis of the niche site and ...
Vladimir Veselovskiy
Ukraine Ukraine
I love working with this team! They are professionals in link building. And very creative guys :) This is very important in SEO.
I will recommend ...
Maksim Voevodin
Russia Russia
Great job as described
France France
Superb as always
Ukraine Ukraine
Thank you for everything. Excellent communication and friendly :)
Australia Australia
Very nice and good communication skills. Thank You.
India India
Great work. Communication are awesome. Fast response. Thank you.
Serbia Serbia

DR — 79. Traffic — 26.8k
Account: Fagiw
DR — 35. Traffic — 2.2k
Account: Juli
DR — 76. Traffic — 24.4k
Account: Lolaq

Steps of Working Process

Contact Us
Tell about the project: what topic, region, what donors are needed and by what value. We do the calculation and prepare the task.
Contribute 100% of the project cost in any convenient way in a dollar. In some cases, we work "50 to 50".
Preparing Donors
We collect sites according to the task. Checking donor regions and parameters: region, DR, Traffic by Ahrefs and others.
Agree On
We send for approval forums, threads and texts, if necessary. Optional item.
We send a project report in Google sheets with a list of donors, texts of posts and links placements.
In the process, we replace missing links, just after the project is completed, within 30 days, you can go back and replace the deleted links


What niches accepted?
We accept all niches, include gambling, adult, etc.
Any warranty from deleting?
Guarantee — 30 days, if it’s removed during this time, we will replace it for free.
What are the payment methods?
We accept payment by cards, Paypal, Payoneer. We only accept dollars.
I only need dofollow / nofollow
It is possible. Indicate this in the task or tell the manager about this issues when discussing the project.
Can you place in my region / country?
Most likely we can, but in order to answer exactly, you need to send the detailed task with the region to us by mail or in any convenient way.
What languages do you post links in?
We write in English, but we can write texts in the needed language of the region, but in this case through an online translator. You can provide your texts or translate ours, in the first case the links will be cheaper.
Can I add anchor text to links?
Yes, you can add any anchors to your links. You can also specify keywords that need to be entered in the text.
What accounts will be used for placing?
Accounts can be any - pumped or just registered. If you need all accounts to be pumped, then you need to indicate this in the task and pay for the required amount of posts. Cost $ 2 for 10 posts. 
I want to rollback/cashback
This type of work is possible, write to us, we’ll discuss.
Will all threads be in the index?
By default, we don’t include such requirements in the task, but if necessary, then you need to specify in the requirements for the project. We charge extra + $ 1 to the cost of each link for this.
What is the minimal order?
The minimum order quantity is 10 links.
How do you pay, can you accept pay in installments?
We usually work on a 100% prepayment basis. If you have a large order, we can discuss payment in installments.
Where will I get links from?
All sites in this service are forums. If you need other types of sites, for example, Q&A sites, catalogs or links from edu & gov, see our other services or write to us.
Do you give discounts to agencies?
Yes, we have several options for working with agencies, but it all depends on the requirements, the form of payment and other conditions. Write to us, we’ll try to find a solution to your problems.
I need links from “juicy” donors
The concept of “juicy” donors is different for everyone, write to us and send the task, and we’ll answer whether we can fulfill them or not.
Can an order be split into multiple projects?
Yes, you can split your order for several projects of any subject and geography.

If you still have questions — contact us in chat

Why quality forum backlinks are important?

Link building is an excellent method for website promotion. Over the years, forums increased in popularity, here is everything you need to know about them and backlinks.

Buy forum backlinks to organically promote your website

Forum links are still a popular tool among many agencies and SEOs to build topic-relevant backlinks at a low cost. The links are especially suitable to increase the popularity of old websites and create a solid start for new projects.

Forum backlinks are one of the few methods to organically promote your website and, as a result, get an increase in the recognizability of your brand.

How forum link building services can help my website?

Every website needs a special approach. Luckily, forum backlinks are universal promotion methods that have few benefits to it.

Anchor text diversification

The first clear advantage of forum posting is that the anchor texts can be diversified. For example, if you only work with outreach links and/or PBN links, you very often use hard anchor texts for these links and this can lead to a penalty by Google.

Forum links are natural

Forum links are very natural, especially in the English part of the Internet. This is due to the fact that nowadays most websites receive or build forum links. They are already a standard in most backlink profiles and therefore it is not a problem if you do not stand out from the crowd and also use forum links.

Social interaction

Another aspect is that by posting backlinks you show search engines that you have quality content. This social interaction and discussion, which often happens on forums, shows that the content must be qualitative and stimulating because otherwise there would be no exchange about it — sound logical, right?

What distinguishes a quality forum backlinks?

To answer this question, the first step is to check the visibility and reach of the forum where the link will be placed. Because only if these two aspects are qualified, search engine trusts the website. This trust is in turn the basis for successful forum link building and leads to a better ranking.

Secondly, you should look at the link metrics of the corresponding website. Because only a page with strong backlinks can pass on sufficient traffic to your domain. However, in order to analyze comprehensively, this data should not only be checked on the domain level, but also on the URL level.

All in all, it is not easy to find a forum that suits your needs, especially if you try to do it yourself.

Why buy forum links from us?

We regularly receive requests asking us to publish forum links for websites. This is sometimes really difficult because the number of quality forums is very small. Many topics are simply not discussed there!

That is why we check such requests very carefully and often recommend alternatives. Because it can be that forum links simply do not fit to your SEO project. And then you should definitely keep your hands off them. We never give you false promises and provide quality forum backlinks only if it is possible.

But how do you find out whether forum links are suitable for your SEO project or not?

Should you get forum links for your website?

To figure this out, ask yourself one question - do your customers usually discuss your topic in forums? If the answer is yes, then forum links are a good idea. If this is not the case, forum links are probably not an ideal fit for your project.

It is important to note at this point that forum links can have a positive effect on the ranking of almost any project. However, the risk increases if forum links are atypical for the respective industry.

We recommend:

  • To use forum links if competitors also does it (exceptions may be regional projects).
  • To be cautious in B2B or other theme groups if the forums do not fit the topic. When integrating the link, there may be gaps in the meaning of the post, making it useless in the end.
  • Check whether forums that are used by your own target group can be found at all.

Once you have ensured that forum links fit your project, the next question is of course how many forum links to get. We recommend that you build forum links as regularly and continuously as possible.

You should not deviate too significantly from this. We do not give many recommendations regarding the number of links. However, we would like to note that there will hardly be a project where 10 links per month are a problem. Quite frankly, these links are also about quantity, of course without neglecting the quality.

It makes sense then to build up forum links continuously over several months. In our experience, it makes the most sense to set a plan for six months and slightly vary the number of links to be built each month. For new projects, additional links should be added.

Where should you place forum backlinks?

This is an exciting question and there are many different approaches in the SEO field. This is another reason why our services are structured to be as flexible as possible. We work closely with a wide variety of customers and are happy to adapt to their individual wishes. This also allows us to draw direct comparisons between different approaches. The results are the following:

  • Don't overestimate the point of "topic relevance." It doesn't always have to be forums that deal with the topic of the target page in a narrower sense. More general pages or off-topic areas are also a good way to place links. Again, however, you should be strongly oriented towards the competition. Usually, the rule is - only if competitors also use certain forums in the same industry, they are also suitable for your own backlinks.
  • The visibility of the forums can be neglected. If you want to pay attention to SEO metrics, you should rely on link KPIs from Ahrefs, these can be DR or Organic Traffic. The criteria should not be set too high, as there is a high variance in the forums and even individual "weaker links" provide a natural overall picture.
  • We recommend staying away from forums that have a lot of spam messages. As an agency, we pay special attention to this trap. Such forums will not be used by us and will also be put on a black list as part of the backlink analysis.

Use active forums. However, these can also be forums in which link building is actively carried out. However, you should keep in mind that such forums usually have weak link KPIs and are also closed from time to time. In this respect, these should only represent a small proportion.

How forum link building is done?

It will hardly be worthwhile to take on this task yourself. As you might have figured out, it takes certain knowledge to do it properly. It makes much more sense to delegate it to a reliable forum posting service.

The following is important for publishing backlinks:

  • The posts with links should not come from new users. The account should exist for at least a few weeks and should also prove "neutral" contributions in the forum.
  • The backlink must be integrated into the post in a meaningful way and provide added value to the user. Otherwise, it remains ineffective and probably a moderator will remove the link anyway. In addition, it should not be recognizable as forum spam.
  • We clearly advise against designing posts according to a certain template. SEOs like to specify that a post with a backlink must have at least 100 words. But in the forum, this usually looks unnatural. And besides, when analyzing the forum profile backlinks, a pattern will emerge that algorithms will recognize relatively easily.

Of course, this is only a gist, the actual process takes a lot more. Now, let’s touch on one other important thing.

DoFollow/NoFollow and anchor texts in forum backlinks

Our customers often want a specific DoFollow/NoFollow ratio or anchor texts for the forum links. We always discuss these wishes individually and often advise against them. The reason for this is that many forums have already switched to NoFollow links. So if you only build DoFollow forum links, you create an unnatural image of your site in the link profile. Often, "DoFollow forums" are now also filled with spam, which is why they are of limited interest to users. Using DoFollow and NoFollow links at the same time will make your site look more natural.

But what about anchor texts? You need to be careful here, which is why we recommend the following:

  • Hard anchor texts must be avoided if you do not have experience with them. 90% of our customers use unanchored or branded text so they don't get a penalty, but if you know what you are doing, the hard anchor is a way to go.
  • It makes sense to use brand or domain name as link text.
  • Generic anchor texts are also useful.
  • The URL is very often used for linking in forums. In our experience, this is fine but it does not make a text look good.

As an alternative to hard anchor texts, the main keyword can be mentioned in the post near the link. If you do not know what type of anchor to use - write to us. We will analyze your site and figure out what suits you best.


What else to look for with forum links?

Let's summarize the most important points from this post once again. What do you have to pay attention to when building forum links:

  • First, clarify whether forum links fit the project in question;
  • The number of forum links should be based on the data-based evaluation of the competitive situation;
  • Pay attention to meaningful integration of the backlink in the forum.


This also includes making sure that the link to one's own website is meaningfully integrated. Because only if the linked website provides the reader with meaningful and important information, it really will be worthwhile. We always consider your individual wishes, ensure that the result fulfills what we promise, and our forum links pricing can not be lower!

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