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Best Link Building Tools For SEO

Michael Kuzmin

Nowadays, backlinks gain the ultimate potential as a quality digital marketing tool. Not so many have explored it yet to its maximum potential. 

Link building forms the very part of backlinks. They create a connection between pages, posts, and websites. When this is professionally done, there is a good chance of achieving the best SEO results.

In our previous article on 10 best backlink checker tools, you learned about various ways of checking backlinks using specified tools: Ahrefs, google analytics, and so on. This article will keep you going through the link building process. 

To make the process effective, special SEO link building software exists. The following examples and practices will give you the best insights into how your links are and will be performing.

1. Scrapebox


The Swiss Army Knife of SEO! That is how users call it. 

One of the most powerful and effective SEO link-building tools you can find today is the Scrapebox. Among its key functions is link building.

Instead of commenting one by one on various blog and social media pages, Scrapebox can help you with its Trainable poster. It allows quality and accurate posting of comments and contributions on various platforms and forums within a short period.

Note that one of the most effective ways to earn quick traffic is by being interactive with your site/page. Whenever you share your posts, comments, and reviews on forums, you open avenues for new subscriptions, and Scrapebox is ready to fulfill this task for you.


You only buy Scrapebox once, with no monthly or yearly subscriptions. Initially, it was $197; however, during special offers, you can find it at $97, which is quite fair considering the high quality of its functionality.

Other key functional features

Apart from being a link building software, Scrapebox offers several other SEO services, including:

  1. Harvesting URLs from various search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc
  2. Harvesting of valid proxies from different websites
  3. Keyword research: Scrapebox will help you find the most appropriate and relevant keywords relating to your selected niche.

For beginners, Scrapebox features are easy to manipulate and navigate through. Try it now by downloading and installing the software. 



For journalists and bloggers, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) poses itself as one of the best link-building tools you can consider. The idea is to help busy journalists and bloggers chase specific deadlines. The platform offers support for these groups of people by connecting them with relevant sources.

Every year, HARO distributes over 50,000 journalist queries it sources from highly respected media outlets. Because of its straightforward pitching procedures, HARO enables sources to access topics associated with their industry, expertise, and experience. In addition, such an arrangement allows both bloggers and journalists to spend more time writing other than sourcing. 

According to the statistics, HARO reaches 75,000 bloggers and journalists and over 1 million sources, thus making it one of the most critical tools. 


HARO gives you the means to share your knowledge with the world. To access these privileges, there is a subscription you have to make.

The available rates differ, starting with the free basic, then the standard at $19/m, advanced at $45/m, and premium at $149/m. 

The difference lies in the range of available features, whereby the higher the price, the more features you get access to. Those who violate the site's terms and conditions most likely would face an account deactivation penalty.

Cision, a global leader in PR and marketing communications technology and intelligence, came up with HARO as the most convenient tool. 

3. Image Prospector

Image Prospector is a new link building app for SEOs. It helps you find where your images have been copied online so you can reach out to these sites to request a backlink.

If you’re looking for a creative new way to build backlinks, this could be a good addition to your toolset.

What does Image Prospector do?

Image Prospector lets you bulk upload your original images and reverse search them online. It’s powered by Google’s image search engine, so you’ll find the same results as you would manually searching, but in a fraction of the time.

Your results are saved in a table where you can review the sites and then reach out to them. There are pre-written outreach scripts included, which you can copy and paste into your own email campaign.

Your images are then searched every month so you can find additional link building opportunities as they come up.


Image Prospector has a free tier that lets you reverse search and track 10 images. The cheapest paid plan is $19/month and includes 100 monitored images. You can search and monitor up to 500 images on the $49/month plan.

4. Grouphigh


The following content marketing tool you should not miss is the Grouphigh. It is an amazing platform that allows you to quickly interact with the world's top influencers through the posts and pages they write. 

According to its description, Grouphigh is the ultimate swiss-army-knife for marketing, affiliate marketing tools, SEO, and blogger outreach. In addition, this function is mainly to discover and verify the tool regularly make significant feature upgrades that entirely enhance its functionality. 

What else does Grouphgh do?

  1. GroupHigh gives a detailed report on media posts. Such information includes engagements, likes, comments, etc
  2. Page/ content analysis: this tool helps you discover backlinks, resources on the article, and other site research details. Sometimes you can use it to download data from other sites like Ahrefs
  3. Find an influencer and a blog

GroupHigh remains handy as far as the achievement of SEO  targets are at hand. For those interested, there is a 7-day free trial that comes with all the features accessible. After this, you proceed with the stipulated subscription rates.

5. BuzzSumo


Welcome to BuzzSumo – the content marketing tool of the year. Now that you have developed your content, how do you market it? 

BuzzSumo has remained functional ever since 2014 and gathered lots of subscribers who benefit from its functions. 

So what does BuzzSumo do?

  1. Content discovery: BuzzSumo offers a deeper analysis of best-performing posts or comments. It collects such details as likes, comments, shares, and so on.
  2. Content research: Through BuzzSumo, you can access billions of social media posts, blog pages, and related material for insights. By combining all this information, you can come up with quality content all at once.
  3. Identifying influencers and using them to sell your brand
  4. Track posts and comments on a real-time basis
  5. Chrome extension
  6. API


Like most SEO link building software listed here, pricing comes either as a monthly or yearly subscription. The cheapest plan, Pro, goes for $100. However, if you need more features, you can choose to upgrade either to 'plus' or 'large' packages. 

For starters, there is a 30-day free trial. You will have full access to the contained features for maximum explosion and experience.

6. Hunter


Hunter is a link building tool with super-deal features you could require for your SEO plans.  You could rely on Hunter for several email analyses and discovery procedures. Hunter is the tool which function mainly relates to discovering and verifying emails from an open page if you are familiar with Chrome extensions. 


Its free subscription plan limits 25 searches and 50 verifications a month. If you need more, there are paid subscriptions available. Premium features are offered to Growth, Pro and Enterprise subscribers.

Start by downloading then adding the extension to your Chrome browser. Hunter is a quick-response extension that relies on viable data with only a single or few clicks.

Why Hunter

  • Highly user friendly: You do not need any specialized training to navigate through the Hunter features
  • Free: There is no subscription fee to start. This feature makes it even more beginner-friendly – at least you do not have to spend more initially.
  • Readily available for all Chrome browser users. 
  • Find emails in bulk: You can get the verified emails in a bulk that allows email listing and sending for promotion and marketing campaigns

Another advantage is that Hunter is usable for API developers. Many businesses have already adapted the integrated calls, and they function well.

7. PitchBox


Pitchbox closes this list. Pitchbox provides you with an easy connection to the influencers and key bloggers based on its SEO-integrated features. 

Like most of the tools in this listing, it also comes with great data analysis and discovery features for quick evaluations. 

Pitchbox is known for its accuracy of information and timeliness. It is important to remember that some of the data is fetched from best-known content checker tools, i.e., SEMRush, Ahrefs, Majestic, and LRT. 

8. Disavow Link Tool

Disavow Link Tool

Building a site to achieve top-level ranking is never an easy job, and newbies should keep this in mind. When you build your website's traffic from scratch, you always understand the pain and hard work that goes with it, especially when using the white hat SEO methods. 

Google and many other search engines never allow spam or any other black hat SEO methods. The penalty that comes with all that can be quite detrimental. You may get 100,000 visitors a month and zero in the next. Yes, search engines can do this once they confirm dishonesty in your methods.

Disavow Link Tool offers great help for all site owners to pay more attention to their backlinks. Like any other best link building tool, it conducts critical analysis on various links and spammy content. 

As the name suggests, Disavow Link Tool 'destroys' potentially risky links connecting to your site. In most cases, these are the inbound types. Upon noticing the bad links, it is important to notify the publisher soon enough to remove it or the entire content. If it is not possible, these tools could be your next immediate alternative.


Disavow link tool is one of the free link building tools available. You will pay nothing for its use. 

Last thoughts 

The best link building tools are the ones that matter accuracy, affordability, and effectiveness. As we wrap up this article, we recommend consulting widely on the most appropriate link building software that will work in your particular case.

Michael Kuzmin
Co-Founder 10х Agency. 10 years in Sales&Marketing. The last 4 years specializing in link-building processes and outreach development.